Max Wind Spill Comparison:

Pro Bannersaver 88%
Std Bannersaver 87%
Airow 60%

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Pro BannerSaver Comparisons

Our Pro BannerSaver Brackets are overall better than anything available on the market:

  • Highest Wind Releasing Capabilities with 88% reduction compared to that of the standard Bannersaver at 87% and only 60% of the Airow
  • Starts off loading wind at 20-25mph compared to 40mph of the Bannersaver. This causes a lot more stress on the column and banner and that has been the biggest reason for the success of our bracket and that of the Bannerflex.
  • Increased Safety features with the reinforced bracket, slider mechanism and split pin, which none of our competition have built into their brackets. This allows for the bracket to almost never fail and even if they do, they are unlikely to fall and cause damage
  • Better method of manufacturing – we manufacture using Gravity Casting compared with Pressure casting, using upto 15% more aluminum making the bracket a lot stronger.
  • Longer Banner Life – we have achieved results of the highest banner life compared with the other manufacturers, due to wind spillage specs of our system.
  • Save on long term labour costs -Quick Release Pole – taking less than 5 minute to install or to dismantle a banner (not including setup), once the brackets have been installed. This feature is also offered by our competitors systems.

Pro BannerSaver is the Most Advanced Wind Releasing Banner System

And it has the best specs, features and quality compared to anything else on the market!
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