Pro BannerSaver Brackets Installation Guide

The Pro BannerSaver brackets are easy to install, move and adjust. These step by step instructions will guide any installer on how to install the perfect light pole banner.

We recommend a Top Down approach when installing the brackets and recommend you install the banner at the same time. This is to avoid any readjustments which may be required due to improper measurements.


  • Cordless Screw Driver & correct drill bit
  • Tin Snips & Plastic Snips
  • Bungee Cord (size depends on pole size)
  • Neoprene Protective Sheet (if needed)
  • Pro Banner Saver Brackets (2 per banner)
  • Banding (3 per bracket)
  • Zip Ties / Cable Ties (2 per banner)
  • Lift Truck / Ladder

Installing the Top Bracket

  1. Measure the height for the top bracket and position the bracket.
  2. Wrap a bungee cord through the centre and clasp so bracket stays in position
  3. Install the 3 bands – 2 on top & 1 bottom & Snip of the excess bands (only snip bands if it is a permanent install)

Remember—top bracket, spring on top!
Installing the Banner

  1. Fiberglass pole needs to be at least 4” longer than the banner width
  2. Insert pole through banner pocket and insert end with the metal sleeve into the mouth of the bracket
  3. Twist the fiberglass pole to align the holes in the pole to the one on the side of the mouth on the bracket
  4. Insert Pin through side of the mouth and fiberglass arm and secure it.
  5. Finish with zip tie through grommet and the loop on the safety pin
  6. Clip the excess of the zip tie

Installing the Bottom Bracket

  1. Repeat steps 5 – 7 with the bottom of the banner
  2. Extended the banner fully with the bottom bracket inserted.
  3. Push the bracket on the pole and Install the bottom bracket using steps 2, except 2 bands go on bottom and 1 band on the top.
  4. Finish with zip tie through grommet and trim ends of the zip tie.

Remember— bottom bracket, spring at bottom!

Make Sure

  • the brackets and fiberglass poles align vertically
  • the tension runs through the centre of the banner

If not then adjust up or down to achieve the desired result.

The Pro BannerSaver brackets will work well for many years, increasing banner life and reducing street light pole damages, but maintenance is crucial and we recommend that you Re tighten the banding approx 2-4weeks after initial installation if necessary.

  • Check on banding once a quarter and/or after high wind storms.
  • It may be necessary to tighten or replace banding from time to time.

Banding and Other Considerations
Neoprene Sheet: When is this recommended?

  • Tapered Poles: Consider using Neoprene Sheet behind the brackets for all tapered pole installations. The greater the taper, the larger the thickness and recommendation.
  • Square Poles: Neoprene provides a better grip. Consider Neoprene sheet on square poles greater than 4” per side.
  • Maintenance: Banding of all types require general maintenance, and even replacement, from time to time. Standard Banding works great in most applications.

Bolting and Wall Mount Installations

  • The Pro BannerSaver can be installed on walls via a bolt instead of banding.
  • We recommend a 3/8” Bolt size for the Pro BannerSaver Brackets install.
  • Wall Mounts: The Pro BannerSaver will spill wind regardless of its mounting on a pole or wall. The customer is responsible for all wall mounted installations, and warranties do not apply due to the wide variation in walls.

Pro BannerSaver is the Most Advanced Wind Releasing Banner System

And it has the best specs, features and quality compared to anything else on the market!
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